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Roof Installation

Roof Installation Services in Southfield MI

A solid roof is super important for keeping your home safe and dry. At Imagine That Home Improvement and Roofing, we’re all about providing best roof installation services in Southfield, MI, the best roof installation services. If you’re setting up a new place or need to swap out an old, beat-up roof, our crew of seasoned pros has got your back. Properly installing your roof means your house stays safe from water troubles and looks great.

Picking the right people to install your roof is super important. Our roofing team has extensive experience and cares about doing a good job. We pick top-quality materials and stick to the latest roofing procedures to ensure your roof is strong, can handle the weather, and fits what your home needs. We’re all about making our customers happy, so you can trust us with your roof installation services.

Your Go-To Team for Roof Installation in Southfield

What makes us stand out is how we tackle roof installations. We start by checking your place to determine what materials and methods will work best for your situation. Whether you’re into classic asphalt shingles, metal roofs, or something else, we can help you choose what’s best for your home and wallet. We keep up with all the new roofing tricks and tools so we can offer you a roof that looks good, saves on energy bills, and lasts a long time.

On the day we install your roof, our professionalism really shows. We know how important it is to finish the job quickly and without messing up your day. Our team ensures every part of the roof is put on right, giving you a roof that’ll last through the years. And when we’re done, we clean up everything, leaving your place looking neat.

The weather in Southfield, MI, can be tough, so having a reliable roof is key for peace of mind. Choosing Imagine That Home Improvement and Roofing means you’re not just getting any new roof; you’re making a smart investment in the safety and look of your home.

Why Pick Us for Roof Installation?

Personalized Solutions

We get that every home and homeowner is different. We offer roof installation service that match your unique style, budget, and house design.

No Subcontractors

Our in-house team of certified professionals carries out all our installations. This ensures consistent quality and accountability throughout the project.

Energy-Efficient Options

We're committed to helping you reduce your energy bills. Our roofing options include materials and designs that enhance your home's energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.


Signs you might need a new roof include extensive leaking, major storm damage, missing shingles, and an aging roof over 20 years old. A professional inspection can determine the best course of action.

While installing a new roof over an old one is possible in some cases, it’s not always recommended. We prefer to remove the old roof to inspect the decking and ensure a long-lasting installation.

Yes, roof installation can be noisy due to the tools and materials used. We strive to minimize disruption and will inform you of the noisiest phases so you can plan accordingly.

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